C MARC, believes, practices and promotes the concept of Service-Reciprocation evolved from the practice in ancient India ─ the ‘Rishi Culture’. C MARC propounds :Price is the tangible measure of the intangible service… … … Value is the intangible measure of the tangible use to which the service is put … … … — an ongoing function. Value attached must always score over Price.

To make the concept applicable, C MARC, as the Research based Healthcare Management Consultancy Organization, has always been treated as a Member of the same family by the user, while offering the service.

Emotional commitment associated with effective training and development made people grow in C MARC inasmuch as the Tabulator of yesterday has become the Manager of today, as the analyst and interpreter of data, to be able to seek truth from fact to formulate as well as recommend strategic decision to C MARC family of service user in all humility. If expectations of the user have been adequately fulfilled, it becomes the responsibility of the industry to ensure healthy reciprocation. This becomes particularly important when the task ahead is to ensure institutionalization of C MARC operations at a faster rate to meet C MARC commitment to the industry at large comprising the healthcare fraternity on a wider canvas. In appreciation of the rewarding value of C MARC service, the industry has to be much more generous in financial reciprocation to enable C MARC to get fully institutionalized to accomplish all that is expected of C MARC by the industry.

The process of institutionalization made rapid stride with unstinted and active cooperation of the medical practitioner. No one knows how revealing is the live prescription until the study is masterminded, planned, designed and studied with appropriate skill, competence, creativity, backed by astute wisdom and discipline of the science of management and marketing.