For C MARC Services enquiries to be made : The Chief Operating Officer (COO) for effective interaction on the specific nature of services offered by C MARC.

Keeping in view the future market dynamics and India’s huge potential for Healthcare industry across the world, it is not only important to estimate the incidence of chronic diseases in India but also, simultaneously, one has to understand the Healthcare delivery system in India.  Hence, to come closer to the mind of the prescribers through offering right services with innovative approach to fulfil prescribers’ aspirations is the prime requirement.

The three important questions are:

  1. Where do we stand now! (The present scenario)
  2. Where do we want to go! (The vision & mission)
  3. How to go! (The strategic planning / The road map)


C MARC : CPR (Continuous Prescription Research)   … …             Flagship Project

Institutionalized Healthcare Management Service

Healthy India for ensuring Paradigm Shift: Management of Chronic Disease    …  …     Block Buster Project

Patient Tracking Service (PTS)

Field Force Training & Development

C MARC conducts specific studies relating to healthcare issues.

Strategy Workshop :  To formulate organization’s new strategy Direction or short term and long term goals for expansion, consolidation and restructuring of its business on an ongoing basis.